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Just a little something sweet to show our appreciation for all that they do!

This is a perfect activity the kids can be hands on with – from painting the pots to drawing the flowers and, if they are age-appropriate, cutting the flowers out and assembling it all!


*These links contain affiliate links in which I do make a small commission off of purchases made through them. Thank you for your support!*

  1. Mini Pots: these are the exact ones I used in the 3″ size! You can order online and pickup in store (FYI – sometimes it says my store is out of stock until I manually type in my zip code and search!)
  2. Acrylic Paints:
    1. Pink – color “bright pink”
    2. Purple – I used “gentle lilac” mixed with white. I like the color “french lavender” more and if I had that on hand I would’ve used that!
    3. Gold – color “classic gold.” My favorite paint of all time. The look of gold leaf in a paint! **But this one is not for the kiddos to use** but makes for such a pretty final product!
  3. Clear bags: for Valentine Candy. These fit perfectly into the pots!
  4. Valentine Hershey Kisses : The candy we used in the bags
  5. Popsicle Sticks, ribbons, most yarn and Glitter Fabric paper (for the flowers) I found at Hobby Lobby but any popsicle stick and even cardstock will work for the flower!
  6. Pink Chunky Yarn
  7. Bloom Printable Tag: Click to grab this **FREE** print I made with Dear Jane Paper! You can see more of her work HERE.
  8. I also used velcro to attach the Dunkin Donuts gift card (but tape will work too!)
Paint the Pots!
Add the bag of candy inside the pot and tie with this cute FREE print (linked under “materials”)
Trace your tulip shape on the back of the glitter paper (or cardstock!)
Attach that to a popsicle stick (I used hot glue)
Attach the gift card to the back of the flower.
Everly’s Tutu from Belle Threads

This cute gift (paired with your sweet kiddo’s smiling when giving it to them) is sure to make their day!

THANK YOU (& Happy Valentines Day!) to all the amazing teachers out there!

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