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It all started when I brought the girls to Michael’s Stores right around Everly’s birthday. The employees were just starting to put out small gifts and stocking stuffers near the register for the holidays and I heard “MOMMY!! What are those?!”

That was where the “Squishy” obsession began and since that day, we can’t go to Michael’s without looking around for squishy’s!

Thinking about class Valentines, there was really no other direction that made sense for us this year. I knew Everly would be so happy to hand these out to her friends at school!

So at the end of December I sent the text to Kate: “When are you back?! I’m dying to bug you about something!”

And from there our very squishy Valentine was born!

ps – does this play on words sound familiar?!

“I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine. And he shall be my squishy!” – Finding Nemo


Click here to download the files for the Squishy cards:

Squishy Download Part 1

Squishy Download Part 2

I’m going to link as many of the other supplies I used below. These links contain affiliate links in which I make a small commission off of sales made through them. Thank you for your support!


Card design by Katlyn Smith. You can find her work HERE!

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