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Pre-Trick or Treating Meal Board for two!

I don’t know about you but my kids always eat better when it’s displayed on a board, with a bunch of different options to pick at! So as the excitement builds on Halloween night, I wanted to put together an easy meal idea that will fill them up (and they will be entertained enough by to actually eat!)

MOST IMPORTANTLY: The board is divided exactly in half and there are the same number of every item! (Key when siblings are involved! Haha!)

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Grilled Cheese + Tomato Soup. A classic right?! Let’s change out the grilled cheese to Mini Cheese Quesadillas and then turn them into mini Jack O’ Latern’s…

I promise its easier than you think!


  1. Cut pumpkin shapes out of your favorite tortilla wrap with cookie cutters (linked HERE). You need two pumpkins per finished quesadilla. You will also need to cut one piece of cheese per finished quesadilla (I prefer American for how easily it melts) with the same cookie cutters!
  2. The top tortilla will need to have the Jack O’ Lantern face on it. You can add this by cutting it out using a knife.
  3. Place Parchment Paper in your air fryer (you can also bake them!) and place the quesadillas together making sure Jack O’ Lantern face is on top. They will be done quick – under 5 minutes!


This can be your favorite homemade recipe or favorite store bought soup! Add some extra cuteness to your board by placing the soup in pumpkin shaped bowls or mini dutch ovens. (I found these at Home Goods!)


Everything on this side was placed to go with this amazing Pumpkin Fluff Dip by Food By the Gram:

I added some candy eyes by dabbing a little honey to make them stick where I wanted them and the food picks were also found at Home Goods!

Enjoy and have fun Trick or Treating!

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