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Mixed Media Bucket List

If you’ve followed me on Instagram for awhile, you know that I’ve been making these mixed media Bucket Lists for a little over a year now. Every time I share one for the new season I’m asked how I put it together so today I’m going to show you how surprisingly easy these are to make for yourself!

I love making them because they help me remember all of the festive things I want to do each season with my kids and they also become a decor piece that are pretty to hang up!



STEP 1: Working left to right on the bottom of the board, start hot gluing your fabric and trimmings on covering up the white foam board. The first layer I try to cover as much space as possible so you’re going to want to mostly use fabrics to cover the board up!

STEP TWO: After the fabric is down I typically start going through and adding embellishments on top of it. For this board I used tiny fabric pumpkins, yarn that I braided, tassles and pom poms that I made (I have a pom pom tutorials on my Instagram Reels!)

STEP 3: After the board is completely covered, I cut up squares of card stock and write the Bucket List items on them. I then tack them to the board with push pins (these I covered with googly eyes for a spooky feel for Halloween!)

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