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BOO Baskets

Have you ever heard of “Boo Baskets?” I hadn’t either until becoming a mom and entering into the “mom side” of Pinterest!

Now, each year on October 1st my girls wake up to their Boo Baskets!

Boo Baskets are baskets filled with things to kick off one of (in my opinion) the best months of the year! Typically each year I love saving Halloween pajamas to put in them as well as a seasonal book and some other knick knacks; however, this year I wanted to use these Boo Baskets to feature some really fun items from some of my favorite small shops!

A little extra thing I did this year was I decided to paint the actual basket! I found these baskets at Home Goods for $6 each and painted them using acrylic paint! I love how they turned out!


Codes below valid for a limited time and *links below may contain affiliate links in which I make a small commission off of purchases made through them!*

1.DABBLE AND DOLLOP: All natural, MIXABLE bath products. They’re made with the highest quality plant derived ingredients and are tear free, gluten-free, vegan and made in the US! These smell delicious and I cannot wait to give them to the girls to try. They come in a variety of scents and come with a little mixing bowl so your kids can mix them together to make their own custom scent! **CODE: MAGICALMESS20 for 20% off!**

2. SUNSHINE AND SMILES CO: The CUTEST custom Starbucks cups. That cute pumpkin cup is a tall sized cup – perfect size for kids! **CODE: THANKS10 for 10% off!**

3. LOVE OF CHARACTER: Sparkly Halloween Sidewalk Chalk? Yep! Its so cute and so perfect to kick off the month of October! This shop also has really cute small gifts, stationary and party items!

4. NANEVILLE: One of our favorite shops for sparkly and unique hair accessories! Check out those pumpkin headbands! **CODE: VIP15 for 15% off!**

5. THE WISHING ELEPHANT: The cutest “Best Witches” sweatshirts ever! But really this shop has adorable (and clever!) clothing items for all of the seasons and holidays! **CODE: MAGICALMESS for 25% off!**

6. OOLY: Our absolute favorite art supplies and their monster line is PERFECT for Halloween!

7. KISS YOU KATE: The most magical wands ever! Made in small batches by one amazing Mama! You have to be quick to snag one!

8. MILLETTE: Subscription earrings for kids through teens! (also available as a non-subscription!) These black cat earrings are so adorable and perfect for the season!

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