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Halloween Books

If you’ve been following along for awhile now, you probably know that two of my greatest weaknesses are Seasonal Pajamas and….BOOKS! On September 1st, I start digging through my Halloween tote boxes to pull out our books and start searching for a few new ones to add to our collection (that I typically gift the girls in their boo baskets!)

Sharing links to some old favorites as well as some new ones I’ve come across for this year below! Warning: there are a lot to choose from!

**These links do contain affiliate links in which I do make a small commission off purchases made through them!**


  1. Vampirina Ballerina: I think this was one of the first Halloween books I bought when I first had Everly. It’s adorable and perfect if you have little girls!
  2. At the Old Haunted House: Love this one! The book is an adaptation of an old nursery rhyme. The appropriate amount of “spooky” for young kids!
  3. There’s a Monster in Your Book: There’s a new version out this year as well (“There’s a Witch in Your Book”) These books are super cute and interactive as your kids are prompted on some pages to do things to interact with the character (ex: “wave hi to the monster…)
  4. Pick a Pumpkin: The perfect book for Fall and Halloween. BEAUTIFUL illustrations.
  5. Which Way to Witch School: One of our favorites! UPDATED: Finally found the hardcover version here!
  6. Gustavo the Shy Ghost: On top of being beautifully illustrated I love this book and how it shows that it takes courage to make friends. The actual book is different than the dust cover (which I always remove with how little the girls are) and it’s solid white with a ghost face and looks so cute on a book shelf!
  7. I love my Fangs!: This one is new to me this year but looks so cute! Also perfect if you have a little one about to lose a tooth or familiar with the tooth fairy!
  8. Monster Trouble: This book is another favorite and and fear not – the Monsters aren’t scary. I think it would be a perfect book if you have a little one who is afraid of monsters because the main character’s way of handling them is fearless and funny!
  9. Sir Simon Super Scarer: This story is adorable with a great message!
  10. Little Ghost who was a Quilt: I just adore this book. Its a sweet little story and the illustrations are beautiful!
  11. Gilbert the Ghost: Another older book you may have heard of before but we just purchased this last year and it quickly became one of our favorites. The little pink ghost who shows its okay to be different.
  12. The Little Kitten: Perfect Halloween book about a lost little kitten who belongs to a witch! The book also is gorgeous with cutouts through it, and gold foil throughout it that makes some things through the book shine.
  13. Mr. Pumpkin’s Tea Party: Another favorite and the Tea Party theme is perfect if you have girls or boys who love playing them!
  14. The Good, The Bad, and The Spooky: I haven’t gotten this one in yet but we absolutely love this author so I have high hopes this book will be just as charming as the others!
  15. That Witch: A new release this year and look at the illustrations!!! Linking to the instagram page of the author/illustrator.
  16. It’s Raining Bats & Frogs: A twist on a childhood favorite that we all know! A fun book to add to any Halloween collection!
  17. Cat’s Night Out: We’ve had this book for years now and the girls are so into cats right now (thanks Gabby’s Dollhouse!) that when I pulled this back out this year they both wanted to read this first. Also looks cute on a Halloween bookshelf!
  18. Look! It’s the Candycorn: Another new release for this year!


Have to mention the activity books I stock up on each year from Usbourne. I love grabbing these to have on hand for the girls to do during the month of October!

  1. Magic Painting: Paint with WATER (mess-free Mamas!)
  2. Sticker Dolly Dressing: These are so cute! Your kids dress up the dolls in Halloween outfits and costumes using stickers.
  3. Wipe-Clean Activity Book: Puzzles, Connect the dots, Mazes that they can do again and again in this wipe-clean book!

Any others that are favorites in your family that we can check out? Leave them in the comments below!

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