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Two Sweet Back to School Traditions to Adopt

My oldest daughter, Everly, is starting preschool for the first time this year and I’ve been going through ALL of the emotions lately! She’s never been away from me during the day, so it’s going to be a bit of an adjustment for both of us.

A few weeks ago, we started talking about school and I was surprised at how hesitant she seemed. She kept trying to change the subject and said to me at one point “well, it may be raining when I need to go to school so it’s probably better if I stay at home where its cozy” (I actually thought this was adorable haha!)

I started to think of ways to make starting school more exciting and less scary and finally thought … we need to celebrate this milestone!

Here are two ways we are going to celebrate the start of the school year.


Taking into account all of the things my kids associate with holidays or fun events (balloons, snacks, decorations, dance parties) and combining it with their new favorite thing (countdowns) and that’s where our “PRESCHOOL EVE” party was born!

Some personal “must-haves” for our party:

I can see this being a tradition for the night before each school year for a long time and we can adapt it each year – Kindergarten Eve, First Grade Eve…etc!


I love the idea of Everly waking up the first day and seeing affirmations lining her door so she can walk into school feeling confident and ready and know how much she is loved!

Pro-tip – decorate a foam board ahead of time and use command strips to hang it up after they go to sleep. You can add balloons and push pin them (through the tail) to the foam board!

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  1. Everly’s Apple Dress:
  2. Preschool Eve DIY Banner (I used two and tied together):
  3. Confetti Poppers:
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