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Turning the “Mess” into something Magical

Hi I’m Melissa!

I’ve been married to my husband, Bryan, since Valentine’s Day 2014 (I’ve always loved the idea of getting married on a day where love was all around!). I’m also a Mom to two of the brightest, most adventurous, *opposite* (follow me on instagram to see more of this saga!) sparkly little girls – Everly (3) and Story (2).

See that picture above? That’s one of the moments in my life that I’m most proud of. I had been asked to make a Mother’s Day kids craft for Michael’s Craft Stores (a true pinch me moment for someone who spent most of her Elementary years perfecting her bubble letters and making sure her “rainy day box” was filled with ample crafting supplies!) As we were taking pictures and Everly and I were tickling each other and she was scream giggling I realized how far I’ve come from just 15 months prior when I realized it was time to seek treatment for post-partum depression and anxiety.

That’s basically the beginning of my story, well, as far as “A Magical Mess” goes. I had always been crafty but when darkness took over my once very colorful life that piece went missing. As I began to heal l was given the advice to find time to do things I loved for me again and this *Magical Mess* has been a huge part of my healing journey.

I’d describe my style as girly (to the extreme) with a dash of whimsical added in! I love sharing sweet traditions, ways to make everyday moments a little more magical, kids crafts, DIY’s and all things holiday! This blog is designed to house and inspire all of these ideas so it’s easy to refer back to on your motherhood journey!

I’m thrilled you are here! Welcome to the family!

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